Protect your and your patients’ health with specialised medical cleaning solutions

Fantastic Services will make sure that your doctor’s office is cleaned up to standard with the appropriate specialised equipment.

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Why is Fantastic Services the right cleaning provider for you?

  • Solid Experience Our company has been delivering a vast range of professional cleaning services to our clients in Australia for many years now and we know how to provide first-class results. We specialise in residential and commercial cleaning, as well as in antiviral sanitisation, which means we use hospital-grade antibacterial products for delivering proper disinfection. We have a long list of happy clients to confirm our efficiency, too.
  • Flexibility Whether you need one-off cleaning or prefer regular appointments to maintain your medical office in the best condition, we can deliver both. Choosing the second options comes with a lot of perks, including having cleaners you know to come and disinfect your office weekly or as often as you require, maintaining a constant high level of hygiene in your work space. That’s one big responsibility you won’t have to worry about. Availability and special preferences will be taken into consideration, so you have the best possible options. Keep in mind that we operate on weekends and holidays, too!
  • Fully checked and certified cleaners Your medical office will be cleaned only by qualified professionals, familiar with the industry’s hygiene requirements. They have the know-how and the skills to provide you with a healthy and safe work environment. You can rest assured that your medical office is in good and experienced hands!
  • Attention to detail Everything, from the waiting rooms to treatment areas, will be thoroughly cleaned and organised. We understand how important hygiene is in healthcare facilities and we make no compromises with the quality of our work.

How will a medical office cleaning service go?

We take our healthcare cleaning responsibilities very seriously, as good disinfection guarantees people's safety and preserves their good health. In order to prevent germs and viruses from spreading, contaminating surfaces and affecting people, our professional cleaners are equipped with effective detergents and everything else necessary to give all areas attention and proper care.

Here is what to expect after you book a cleaning service for your medical office:

- A team of professional cleaners will be sent to your office.

- You don't have to provide any cleaning products because the specialists carry their own equipment, consisting of effective disinfecting solutions and tools.

- Then follows the actual cleaning. It includes straightening of all areas, emptying the bins, disinfecting all high-touch items and surfaces, especially tables and desks, magazines, door handles and furniture in waiting and treatment rooms, disinfecting restrooms, washing floors, etc. If specified, the cleaners will pay special attention to particular areas.

- Your doctor’s office will be left spotless and in ideal condition to welcome your patients.

More about our commercial cleaning services in Melbourne and Sydney

Fantastic Services offers a wide variety of cleaning solutions for businesses in the area. In addition to medical office cleaning, you can take advantage of our first-class restaurant cleaning, shop cleaning, pest control services and more.

Fully qualified technicians can performAntiviral Sanitisation using hospital-grade disinfectants with antibacterial properties. The full list of our commercial cleaning services you can find here, along with more details about their nature and how to get an appointment.

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