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Using the latest methods to keep your carpeting and soft furniture free of grime, stains & dust mites

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Commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning suitable for any workplace

  • Insured & certified technicians The service is done by ProChem-certified carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists.
  • Top-notch equipment The carpet technicians use the latest professional equipment for hot water extraction.
  • Environmentally-friendly All cleaning methods we use are pet- and child-safe.
  • Great against common household stains Your carpet technician will examine your items and determine the most suitable way to clean them.
  • Available all week long Make a booking for a day and time that suit you best (available on official holidays, too).
  • Quicker drying time As part of the service, an air mover will be positioned in the room where the upholstered furniture or rugs have been cleaned
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What to expect from your office carpet cleaning in Melbourne

#1. Preparation If some parts of your office carpeting are underneath heavy furniture or items, then please keep in mind that the technician won't be able to reach them. If you wish for those areas to be cleaned, then please arrange for the furniture to be moved prior to the carpet cleaning service.

#2. Inspection When the carpet technician arrives at your workplaces to perform the service, he will come up with the most suitable cleaning methods for your items based on the fabric they are made of and their condition.

#3. Pretreatment of the pile The technician will vacuum clean the carpet and treat any visible stains with special detergents in order to ensure that they will be removed. However, please keep in mind that some stains (such as from chemicals or paint) might have actually damaged the fabric and they can't be removed completely.

#4. Hot water extraction The carpet cleaning specialists will use a high-end professional machine to restore the freshness and good looks of your textile floor covering. Basically, the equipment's nozzle shoots out a powerful stream of hot water mixed with detergent deep between the fibres of the carpeting. At the same time, a high-performance suction attachment removes about 95% of the moisture almost immediately. This way your carpets are deep cleaned on the spot and are left almost dry. Please, note that the steam cleaning method may not be suitable for more delicate or bright-coloured items. In this case, the technician is likely to suggest to dry clean them for you.

#5. Protection Upon request, the cleaning operative will apply effective and time-tested carpet/upholstery protection (Scotchgard) to your fresh-cleaned items, which acts as a stain-repellent agent. Additional charges apply.

#6. Air mover While the technician is working, he will be positioning an air mover (industrial fan) near the freshly cleaned areas of the carpet to ensure they will dry even faster.

Note: The technicians are fully qualified to apply the same steam carpet cleaning or dry cleaning methods to your tired-looking office upholstered furnishings. Hence, do not hesitate to book a professional upholstery clean with your commercial carpet cleaning service.

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