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Why go with Fantastic Services?

  • Flexible schedule and availability We offer cleaning services throughout the whole week, including weekends and public holidays with absolutely no change in our prices.
  • Experienced and insured cleaners All professionals are fully insured, trained and vetted so you know you will get an excellent service every time.
  • No contracts You can change or cancel your cleaning services at any time as we don’t work with legally binding contracts.
  • High-end detergents and equipment We can work with your products or we can bring our own eco-friendly professional detergents and equipment.
  • A fully customisation service We work according to your own personal priorities which can be changed at any time at no extra cost.
  • You get the same expert every time Once you’ve settled on a cleaner, it will be the same person coming to the job with each session. Should they fall sick or go on paid leave, you will be notified immediately and given the option to either reschedule or work with a different cleaner with the same experience.

What can you expect from our professional body corporate cleaning services in Melbourne

We strive for perfection and our goal has always been to provide efficient and high-quality services people love. By booking with Fantastic Services you will receive the 5-star experience without any hassle.

In two words, here is what you get:

- We take care of office buildings, apartment complexes, business parks, duplex, residential unit blocks and much more.

- Thorough cleaning of all common areas, bathrooms, stairs, entry foyer, lifts, and more.

- An entirely customised cleaning maintenance plan for your facility that will follow your own personal requirements.

- This also includes the frequency of the service, which day of the week you want to have it and how many hours.

- So since this is an hourly-based service, you only pay for the time the cleaner actually spent at the property.

- You can change those priorities at any time. Just give us a quick call and we will shape the service to your new preferences.

- You can combine the body corporate cleaning with our gardening and other property maintenance services.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you provide the detergents and equipment?

A: If requested we can bring our own eco-friendly professional equipment and detergents. If not specified beforehand, we will work with the ones you have on-site.

Q: Can I change the days of my regular cleaning?

A: No problem. We understand that circumstances change all the time which is why we’ve created our service to be completely customisation. This includes changing the frequency, days and duration of your services whenever it’s needed.

Q: Can you take care of the outdoor garden area, as well?

A: Absolutely! Just give us a call and let us know what we’re working with. You can have the gardeners work at the same time as the cleaners or have a completely separate service.

Q: Will the cleaner wash the windows from the inside?

A: Since this is an hourly based service, we work according to your priorities. Let us know which are the areas we will need to pay the most attention to and we will pass the information to the cleaner.

Q: Can I skip sessions?

A: Of course! Just give us a call at least 48 hours before your next appointment and we will skip it while keeping your other future sessions intact.

Q: Are there any extra charges for weekend appointments?

A: No there aren’t! We have the same rate for our cleaning services no matter if it’s a Saturday, Sunday or even a public holiday!

Businesses that trust our services

  • Property management
  • Apartment rentals
  • Office rentals
  • Other

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Maintain a clean common area with our Fantastic body corporate cleaning services

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