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Why choose the commercial oven cleaning for your kitchen?

  • Done by certified & insured technicians This service is carried out by professional oven cleaners who are familiar with all types of kitchen equipment and use efficient methods to bring you outstanding results.
  • Compliant with local safety & hygiene regulations All work is done with safety in mind. Professional cleaning keeps your commercial kitchen in an optimal condition that meets the requirements of the local authorities. Also, well-maintained kitchen equipment reduces the risk of fire hazard.
  • Prolonging the life of your cookers Our deep cleaning methods improve the energy efficiency of your appliances and keep them fully functional.
  • Non-toxic detergents The cleaning products we use are agency-approved and don't leave any harmful residue on the surfaces they have been used for.
  • Ready to use right after the service All the cooking can resume when the technician is done with the job and you can get back to preparing delicious meals for your clients.
  • Available all week long You can book a service for a day and time that suit you best. And we work even on public holidays.
  • Regular services, no contract Based on the needs of your facility, you can arrange for your kitchen appliances to be cleaned professionally as often as you need.
  • Personal account manager If you would like to take advantage of our regular options, then we will appoint an account manager who will schedule and keep track of the services you get.

What to expect from your oven & BBQ cleaning services

The oven cleaning technician will come to your commercial kitchen at a convenient time when your appliances are not in use. He will be bringing all necessary tools and equipment to complete the job on the site.

Inspection The specialists will take a closer look at your cookers and determine their state. After this, he will get to work right away.

Done without causing a bigger mess The oven cleaner will spread a drop cloth before the cleaning starts to ensure that the dislodged food residue won't drip on the floor. And even if some area is splattered, he will make sure to clean it up.

Disassembly The detachable parts of the cooker will be removed and deep cleaned individually. They will be scrubbed, rinsed and thoroughly dried.

Cleaning the oven All affected parts and areas (even those hard-to-reach places) will be meticulously scrubbed and polished. The stubborn carbon deposits and greasy gunk stand no chance against our effective methods and detergents. When everything is perfectly clean, the technician will put all detached parts back and turn on the cooker to test it.

Kitchen splashback cleaning & other appliances Be it glass or tiled splashback, we can take care of it as well. Just make sure to ask for this procedure in advance. And this applies for pretty much any kitchen appliance used by your staff.

Businesses that trust our services

  • Property management
  • Hotels
  • Food services
  • Other

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