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We are your reliable store cleaning provider in Melbourne and Sydney

  • Professionalism and experience We can be your reliable partner in helping your shop shine and thrive. Fantastic Services is a well-known brand in the cleaning industry as we know how to give our clients quality results and satisfaction without compromise.
  • Personal touch We understand how busy you are and we are more than happy to oblige when it comes to scheduling an emergency appointment or prioritising the retail store cleaning tasks. Feel free to share all of your requirements with us.
  • Constant availability Whether you need your shop cleaned on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, the Fantastic cleaning pros can be at your disposal with no extra charge.
  • Dedicated and certified specialists Fantastic Services works only with qualified and thoroughly checked professionals. They are also very well trained and committed to giving their best in every job that they do.
  • Full high-standard cleaning equipment All necessary tools, detergents and machines can be provided by us. They are tested and safe, and the cleaners know how to use them in the most efficient manner. If available, we can also work with your own equipment.
  • Exclusive price rates and a customised retail cleaning plan You can benefit from a special plan, which we will prepare just for you, so you get to pay only for what you really need. Get in touch and we can discuss your retail store’s or other commercial property’s needs, then come up with the best solution.

Five-star shop cleaning services that will benefit your business

Whether it comes to a clothing store, shopping centre, supermarket or any other kind of retail in Melbourne or Sydney, we can maintain its good appearance, regardless of the condition or size. The experience of the Fantastic cleaning specialists, in combination with their high-standard equipment, is enough to secure the perfect look of your retail business and keep it healthy so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We make sure that all of your customers leave satisfied and with a good impression of your sparkling clean shop.

Entrusting us with the cleaning of your store means that:

  • - Everything will be done efficiently and according to your preferences.
  • - No detail will be overlooked during the cleaning of your shop, no matter how small. We will focus on walkways, entrance and exit areas, the shop’s front, product display areas, carpeting, shelving, windows, any high-touch surfaces, floors, etc. The rubbish will be taken care of and any commercial signs will be polished clean.
  • - You will have reliable professionals at your disposal, who specialise in everything you may require from window and carpet cleaning to pest control services.
  • - You can choose to have one deep shop cleaning or opt-in for regular maintenance visits from our professionals who will maintain your store’s cleanliness as expected.

Other available services for commercial properties

We can do more than help businesses maintain a good and healthy work environment. We can also make unexpected intruders disappear and keep them away, thanks to the experienced pest controllers who can detect and effectively treat different pests infestations.

You can also count on us when basic repairments need to be done, as well as when new equipment or furniture need to be installed. There is also the maintenance of the outdoor areas around your shop or office building, which you can safely leave in the skilful hands of the Fantastic gardening pros.

Businesses that trust our services

  • Retail
  • Food services
  • Public sector
  • Other

We recognise the adversities within your business sector and we will be able to help you overcome these difficulties. Contact us

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